Ted Sullivan

Ted_Sullivan.jpgTed Sullivan, CMO, Entrada Insights

A global adventurer, Ted believes travel makes us kinder, smarter and overall better human beings. With over 25 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, he’s covered a lot of ground and has extensive knowledge and experience in global travel marketing, data, analytics, branding and media. His goal for Entrada is to work with communities to improve the lives of its visitors and residents, as well as, our own employees. Prior to joining Entrada, Ted led the global product development, marketing and sales of ADARA’s analytics products for destinations, airlines and hotels. Prior to ADARA Ted was the VP of Business Strategy for MMGY Global. Ted’s goal is to change the KPIs of community measurement in the tourism and economic development industry to help destinations embrace the opportunity to make life better for all who live and visit the region. He is a popular International speaker and contributor to industry publications and conferences. Ted educates the destination industry to embrace their inner geek, love of travel experiences and the utilization of data to make better, more impactful decisions. Whether he’s ‘working’ or not, you can find him in a quaint pub in Ireland, Chatham, Madrid, Slovenia or anywhere really...making friends with the locals and adding a bit of color to his stories for the benefit of those who are listening.