General Sessions

Opening General Session | March 21 | 8:30am – 9:15am

Study Findings Revealed: Measuring Visitor Conversion from DMO Social Media Investment + Traveler Profiles of DMO Social Media Audiences

Presenter: David Reichbach, Director of Analytics & Data Security, Destination Analysts

The DMA West Education & Research Foundation retained Destination Analysts to conduct a cooperative research study to measure visitor conversion and estimate the economic impact of DMOs’ marketing to their audiences on major social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The combined (blind) findings from all participating DMOs produced industry averages on DMO social media marketing impact and performance. This research also gathered important insights into DMO social media audiences, which deepen the industry’s understanding of these traveler profiles and their content desires. Special thanks to the participating DMOs in the DMO Social Media Investment Study—Albuquerque, Central Oregon, Huntington Beach, Lane County, Lubbock, Mesa, Oceanside, Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory, Park City, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Luis Obispo County, Sedona, Stockton, Temecula Valley, Tri-Valley, Vacaville, West Hollywood and Yosemite Mariposa County.

General Session | March 21 | 12:45pm – 2:00pm

Results, Accountability and the Demise of Vanity Metrics

Presenter: Will Gryna, Senior Digital Strategist, DVA Advertising & Public Relations

The difficulty of identifying impactful KPIs causes many DMOs to invest advertising dollars into campaigns that ultimately return vanity metrics that they’re unable to connect to their business. As digital advertising becomes even more competitive it is more important than ever for DMOs to have complete tracking implemented on their websites. In this session, we’ll walk through missed opportunities of incomplete tracking and how it affects reporting and campaign performance. Ultimately, we will discuss how to create a complete tracking structure and how it allows DMOs to tie more closely to business outcomes as well as provide the basis for continuing optimization.

General Session | March 21 | 4:15pm – 5:00pm 

What is Your Share of Ear?

Presenter: Lizzy Duffy, Senior Content Strategist, Sparkloft Media

Hey Siri – what is the fastest growing content category in marketing? The answer is audio content: music streaming sites like Spotify, podcasts or voice-controlled devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. All are audio based, all are growing fast and very few DMOs are making use of them, which is even more surprising considering how easy it is to develop and distribute audio content. So listen up as we explain the dynamics of these marketplaces, explore the pros and cons of different audio content formats and show you how you can build a voice-controlled app for your destination in fewer than 30 minutes.

General Session | March 22 | 8:30am – 9:45am

Google DMO Partnership Program One Year On – 5 Free Tactics to Drive Results

Presenters: Chris Adams, Head of Research & Insights, Miles Partnership; C.A. Clark, Vice President of Technology, Miles Partnership; Ariane Hiltebrand, Director of Advertising & Digital Marketing, Sonoma County Tourism; and JessyLynn Perkins, Director of Digital Marketing & Content Development, Visit Santa Barbara

One year ago in Spokane, sessions from Google and Miles Partnership at DMA West’s Tech Summit announced a groundbreaking new global program for DMOs to review and contribute content on their destinations across Google's platforms. More than 200 destinations have since participated across the West, the U.S. and multiple countries – contributing content updates, holding industry education events and uploading engaging images, Street View 360 and videos of their destination. This content has generated tens of millions of views – at zero media cost to the DMOs. In this workshop, Google and Miles will provide an update on this program – the specific results and lessons from the last 12 months and the latest new tools and solutions that are part of the program. We will showcase some of the most innovative Google content experiences DMOs have developed to date. The session will communicate five (5) of the most important steps any destination can take for free to enhance their presence on Google’s travel-related products. Don’t miss this important update on the ways in which you can enhance your destination’s digital presence across Google’s platform for free. 

Objectives for session:

  • Insights on the reach, impact and results of the Google DMO Partnership Program
  • Case studies from destinations that have been involved in the program including Western U.S./Canadian examples
  • Five (5) practical and actionable steps any DMO can take, regardless of budget, to leverage these tools for free
  • The latest new tools and solutions that are now part of the Google DMO Partnership Program

General Session | March 22 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Leveraging the Role of Humans in AI

Presenters: Alex McClure, Chief Product Officer, Unanimous AIand Linda Sanpei, President, Parker Sanpei

Unanimous AI swarms predicted all 8 teams to make the 2016 playoffs, predicted the Cubs would face the Indians, and the Cubs would win. Unanimous AI swarms also predicted the 2018 Oscars with 97% accuracy. This session will define artificial intelligence and amplified intelligence by showing the role that humans play in this cutting-edge technology, through swarms like you find in nature. Swarm technology is not based on polls, surveys or focus group, but on the systems that exist in nature and have been shown to have powerful predictive capabilities. Attendees will learn how this cost-effective technology can provide them with the insight they need to make sound marketing and advertising decisions for their destinations.